WWII Coastal Defences, Stromness

The Orkney News is running a series of articles on Orkney’s World War II sites and wartime experiences. 

The World War Two sites The Orkney News has been featuring have been either free to view or have a small admission charge. This article is looking in more detail at the ones you can access at Stromness, Orkney’s second town.

The Links and Ness Batteries at Stromness are all easily accessible. You can park right beside the Links Battery and if you want to also take the car along to the Ness Battery it is not much further along but the track is for single car use only. There is then a short walk up to the Ness Battery. There is an admission charge for the Ness and set tour times.

Links  Battery 6

The Links Battery Stromness (F Grahame)

The Links Battery is just there for you to freely wander into. This is great for all ages but especially for children who are able to explore them safely. This brings history much more alive and they will learn more from being able to move in and out of the structures which are all kept clean by a small band of dedicated volunteers.

Rather than take the car – walk – there is so much more to see and take in, especially if you delve into the long grass where you will find slightly more hidden remains of Orkney’s wartime past.

Stromness Battery 2

What lies hidden in the grass at Links Battery Stromness (F Grahame)

The Links Battery was originally built for the First World War but its positioning with views out to the Atlantic and to Scapa Flow made it a vital place for increased weaponisation for the Second World War. There is a helpful display board at the Links Battery with another one explaining the Ness Battery further along the road.

These installations housed massive guns and searchlights to protect the ships at anchor waiting to refuel,as military transports or for other wartime operations.

Ness Battery display board

The Ness Battery

The Ness Battery itself has an admission charge which includes the tour.

Visit Ness Battery  for up to date tour times and admission charges.

The tour guides are experts and you will come away well informed.

Contact:  07759 857 298

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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