See For Yourself: Energy Saving with a Straw Bale House

Nick MorrisonThe oldest straw bale houses are around 130 years old, the oldest European house in France dates back to 1921.  When a brick dated to 3000 years old was broken apart the straw inside was as bright and golden as the day it went in. But is this a form of construction we can still use today – and in Orkney? 

As part of the Energy Saving Trusts presentation at this year’s Orkney International Science Festival they are organizing visits to Orkney’s best insulated house built out of straw bales.

The event is free and you can book here

Information about the tour on Sunday 10th September – first bus leaves at 12 noon from Tesco car park

Join us for a straw bale house tour as part of our activities for Orkney Science Festival.

Nick built his own straw bale house and has also installed renewable technologies – a ground source heat pump and a wind turbine. Come along to this free event and find out more about this unique property.

Places are limited and must be booked for this free tour. We will travel by minibus from the Peedie Sea Car Park, Great Western Road in Kirkwall (opposite Tesco). The first tour will depart at 12 and the second will depart at 14:30. Each tour will take around 2 hours.

Home Energy Scotland advisors will also be outside Kirkwall Town Hall during the Vintage Rally on Saturday 9th Sept in the afternoon to answer any questions on home energy efficiency and renewable technologies.

straw house window

out the window of the Straw House (N Morrison)

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  1. This energy saving straw bale house is pretty impressive, I didn’t expect this to be this old like 130 years old wow that’s really great. What I also love to learn more is how nick built this straw bale house and installed renewable technologies.

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