Veterans Breakfast

There was a good turn out today for breakfast parade on Saturday 24th Feb.


Photo by K. Armet

Clockwise: John, Nick, Tara, Carl, Liz, Les, Ken, John, Jo, Lenny, Simon, Eddy and Bob.

The veterans gathered in Eats ‘n’ Treats for breakfast (Kedgeree today’s special). The mixture of stories from past and present are diverse, from hair raising experiences in service to compo ration favourites, then fast forward to the present day and Bobs (#beangate) still explaining why small tins of beans are importantšŸ¤”.

The last Saturday of each month we meet in Eat “n” Treats cafe at 09.00am onwards.

Veterans 2

Photo by K . Armet (I’ve replaced Carl in this photo)

Come along and join in, you will be welcomed in not only by ourselves, but also by the friendly and most helpful staff.

As of 12.00 noon Sunday 25th February 2018, the M.O.D. started The free Military Mental Health help line: 08003234444. This will be run by the charity Combat Stress and funded by the M.O.D.

Remember when visiting your doctors, hospital etc, to inform them you are ex services/serving member. The reason for this is explained in the link below.

Find a link explaining Orkney N.H.S. position hereĀ .

Reported by

Kenny Armet





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