Binscarth Woods, Orkney

Many people think we do not have trees in Orkney and you would be hard pressed to find deep forest, however, we do have a few woods and Binscarth is one of them.


Binscarth Woods is located on the outskirts of Finstown. You walk through a field to get to it and at some times of the year there will be cows in the field so if you have a dog, keep it on a lead. The image above and the video was filmed in March when the snowdrops were out.


Binscarth Wood Path B BellAlthough a small wood it is rather bonnie.

Bernie Bell has written of the woods at Binscarth: Living in a Box  – then and now




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  1. Thanks Fiona – we missed snowdrop time in Binscarth this year, so this was good to see.
    Binscarth for snowdrops – Happy Valley for bluebells.

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