National Fish and Chips Day

Hurrah – Today Friday 1st June is National Fish and Chips Day .

fish and chips

It’s thought that the fried fish part of this delicious dish was first introduced to Britain in the 17th C with Jews who had left Portugal and Spain for England. The chips side of it most likely came from Belgium. From the late 19th and the 20th C Fish and Chips really took off, especially for a family meal on a Friday. By 1927 there were 35,000 fish and chips shops but today it has reduced to 10,500.

Interesting fact

Did you know that fish and chips weren’t rationed during WWII because it would be too detrimental to the morale of the nation to do so?

What’s the best way to serve fish and chips?

• Chips of a uniform size – light golden exterior colour with a bit of a crunch – white fluffy, light interior.

• Firm, flaky fish – absence of bones – pearly white colour – encased in a light airy batter, with good crunch and an even golden colour


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