It doesn’t have to be big….to be a garden: Idea No. 1

The Orkney News has featured some of the beautiful gardens in Orkney:  The Secret Creative Garden, The Blide Trust and Tankerness House Garden.

Today we start a short series from Bernie Bell for some ideas on what you can do with limited space to have a wee garden of your own

Planters and Containers


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  1. The Self-heal in the middle sized pot, has now gone to seed. On Sunday morning, I saw a little Linnet, sitting in the middle of the pot, gorging itself on the seeds. Even just a plant in a pot, can provide food for t’birds. And what a thing to see – a wild bird, there, just outside our window, pecking away at the wild seeds. “Long live the weeds, and the wilderness yet.” – Even in a flower-pot!

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