It Doesn’t have to be big to be a garden: (idea 15)

Pots are a great alternative to flower beds especially for me now that gardening has become painful, so why not put perennial shrubs into any beds that you may have and use pots for all your annuals, remembering to work with your pots at as high a level as possible; I use our picnic bench (made by Kenny) for all my potting.

Helen's Flower pots

photo by Helen Armet

Like everything else my pots are nearly all recyclable, rescued from charity shops and re-start.   I always say, one person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure and with a mixture of plants and colours they can’t help but make you smile.

The yellow miniature roses pot has had a space left for my sweet peas which are still cultivating in the house. Thank goodness my flowering season is a good month behind most other folks, as you can tell by the fact my nasturtiums are not yet flowering; the joys of living on top of an Orkney hill. These are all still maturing so will hopefully have a good seven or eight weeks left for us to enjoy.

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  1. In retirement , bought a house with little or no garden , after having a big garden and needing constant attention which I wasn’t able to do . However now I have a pot garden , pots varying in size but a pleasure to look after .

    • They are indeed, we are going to try a raised vegetable table next, a watch this space endeavour. H

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