Pages of the Sea: Community Workshop

By Nick Morrison

On Tuesday evening, 30th of October,  there was a workshop in the town hall concerning the “Pages of the sea” event to take place on Scapa beach.

35 beaches in the British isles , 5 of these are in Scotland and Scapa is one.

K Armet Scapa 29th

Scapa Beach 07:50 29/03/2017 (photo K Armet)

Vicky Mohideen, of Theater Scotland outlined the Scapa event. The face of one of our fallen will be drawn in the sand together with several smaller likeness. These will be done using a grid to make it easier for the volunteers.

Pages of the Sea 4 N Morrison

Brian Budge of RBL said 138 Orcadians were known to have lost their life in WW1. More names are continually being added to the War Memorials as they are discovered. The WW1 personnel records were destroyed by bombing in WW2. Brian asked that if Orcadians knew of some one who fell in WW! to get in touch with him at the RBL, Kirkwall. Images Of Orcadians Lost in WW1 Sought

Volunteers are required for the sand drawings on Sunday 11th November at 14.00.

Volunteers are asked to register with:- anthony.mottershead@orkney,gov .uk, and wear smooth soled footwear on the night. Plastic bag over the wellies?

This is one of a series of events to take place in Orkney. Orkney Commemorates #Armistice100


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