Lost ! Tengmalm’s Owl

My name is John Lowes and I am a falconry enthusiast from Durness. I am contacting you as a last resort in the hope you may be willing to help in finding any possible information regarding my Tengmalm’s owl Harry, who escaped from my aviary on 29th of October.

I have made several requests via local media outlets for any sightings or information about his whereabouts, but so far have drawn a blank. I have owned Harry for almost 5 years and aside from his non-negligible monetary worth he is of great sentimental value to me. He is very comfortable around humans and has not had to naturally hunt for prey before, so I think it is likely he will be in the vicinity of people/buildings, however the species is also migratory at this time of year so it would not be unusual for him to have moved a short distance such as across to Orkney.

I was hoping it might be possible for you to share a request for information via your Facebook page or other place in order to gain public exposure? Should any info be forthcoming allowing me to head to Orkney to retrieve him I would provide monetary reward to the person involved.

I can be contacted via this email address:

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  1. What a strange world this is, and what strange creatures, we are.
    I used to know a woman who gave a home to rescued animals, and birds. Her whole garden was one, huge aviary for birds which had been rescued, but which couldn’t possibly live free – weren’t equipped for it, by the life they had had, before being rescued. One bird which came to her, was an Eagle Owl, which some dingbat had purchased, then kept it in a cupboard under the stairs, and called it….Harry. The Harry Potter books did a good job in getting children reading, but……didn’t help owls, one little bit.
    An Eagle Owl, is a big bird.
    And now here we have a Harry owl, who someone suspects of being mythical.
    Funny old world. Human Behaviour.
    Here’s my take on it……….

    Would any sentient being rather be free, even if uncomfortable at times, or caged, and fed, and kept comfy, but…caged. Imprisoned. That’s what the essential factor of imprisonment is – being deprived of liberty. Being deprived of the ability to follow your (harmless) impulses or instincts, such as….migration.
    Imagine being able to fly, and having an impulse to fly, and having an impulse to migrate, but…you can’t because the cage stops you from doing so.
    Do as you would be done by.
    I wasn’t going to write this, when I first read this appeal. I thought “Each to their own, folk can do a lot worse, then keeping birds in cages”. But now – the owl appears to be getting lost in some kind of human wranglings. So, I’ve written it. So, lock me up – in some countries, that happens. Undeserved imprisonment, of any kind, goes against the grain with me.
    William Blake said “A bird in a cage, puts all heaven in a rage.” And I’m with William on most things

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