Poetry Corner:How Do You Like Me So Far

By Richard Wallace

How do you like me so far?

Do I meet your expectations?

Most of them?

Did I smile enough?

Did I listen enough?

How do you like me so far?


How do you feel about me so far?

Was my dress all right?

Not too tight around my bottom?

Did my figure suit your notions?

Sorry, I don’t have a push up bra.

How do you feel about me so far?


Do you think you’ll want to see me again?

I hope so, but I’m not so sure myself.

Nothing personal of course.

Do I want to go down this road again?

The rule of three has worn a little thin.

Do you think you’ll want to see me again?


So, you say you like me.

I can see anticipation in your eyes.

Is it me you care about?

This is our third date.

Is this where I am supposed to say

your place or mine?


So, how do you like me…so far?

the lovers

By Henri-Jean Guillaume Martin



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  1. Again, you’ve caught it Richard.
    Being old has its advantages, one of them being – it’s so good not to bother about all that stuff!
    To quote John Lennon in ‘Borrowed Time’……………..

    “Does she really love me
    All that crap
    But now I don’t bother about that shit no more
    I know she loves me
    All I gotta bother about is standing up”

  2. Bernie\bell…I love to hear from you. Right…How do you like me so far. That was written with a special friend in mind and I couldn’t help but think what a dreadful waste of energy…but then she isn’t 75. Have a great day and thank you….Richard

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