Pass it on week 2019

Pass it on KitchenThis week people are being urged to reuse or recycle what they no longer want or need rather than throwing things out or hoarding them.

Pass it on week – the Big Declutter runs from 9th – 17th of March. There’s a handy Facebook page for Orkney: Orcadians Going Green where you can keep up to date with what is going on locally.

Re-using – Pass it on

There are many excellent charity shops in Orkney where you can take things which are still in good order which can be of use to someone else.

Charity Shop Queen(2) The Blue Door

For items they will not take or which would be difficult for them to handle there are  several other places in Orkney.

Employability Orkney – Restart will collect larger objects and furniture that you no longer need but could still be of use to someone else. These are then resold. You can read more about them here: Charity Shop Queen

Restart Orkney

Photo by Helen Armet

Orkney Zerowaste This is another place which will take larger items suitable for re use.

Both the above organisations will also take smaller objects but they have limited space for those so you might be better taking those to a charity shop or a Boot Sale.  They are also excellent places to check out for yourself before you buy something new.

Orkney Zero Waste Yard: A Treasure Trove

Bras can be recycled

Breast Cancer UK will collect bras for recycling. You can even set up a ‘Bra Bank’ in your place of work as a central collection point. You can find out about that here: Bra Recycling

Smalls for All will take Bras which are either new or in good condition. They will also take new packets of pants. Visit their website to find out more.

Orkney Men’s Shed have limited space but sometimes they are also able to take tools etc which they can repair if needed and re-sell for funds. You would need to contact them if you think you have something they could use.


You can of course sell your unwanted items. There are the online sales places like Ebay but Orkney Merkitplace on Facebook is most effective for a local sale. Boot sales are regularly held in Orkney but people are looking for a bargain there so you might not make much money at those.

And of course the most difficult thing when decluttering is to resist recluttering.

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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