Timeless scoop the Young Enterprise Orkney Area Team Award

There was an air of heightened tension as you entered the foyer at Orkney College on Thursday evening together with the quiet buzz of excitement from the two immaculately turned out teams as they stood proudly behind their stalls; with each stall showcasing their products before the Young Enterprise Scotland Orkney Area Team Local Finals.

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Although there were three Young Enterprise teams this year (Tempus – Stromness Academy, Timeless – Kirkwall Grammar School and Isle O’ Calm – Orkney College UHI), there were only two teams  showcasing at the final; the Orkney College Enterprise  does not take part as they are non competing team and do the Young Enterprise as part of their course work. Isle O’ Calm had done a previous showcase which you can read about here



Tempus are Ryan Hourston, John Burns, Morgan Thomson, Erin Harcus, Freya Hibbert, Simon Carmichael and Eben Crichton

Each team were given a four minute presentation time in which to tell the audience about their product.

Tempus took their inspiration for their Tidal Clocks from a visit by skyranMoon to Stromness Academy for two weeks last summer and decided to focus their clocks around the sea and moon. The clocks work to a 12hr 25min time in direct correlation with the tides and can therefore be set around any harbour or beach and have so far been sold in both Caithness and further afield in America to someone living by the water.

The product is made from tiles sourced from local companies; with the designs being printed on the clocks by Solisquoy Printmakers in Stromness. They spoke of the challenges which they faced; a 40% reduction of the team including the Managing Director leaving school. They also had the challenge of awaiting late delivery of their tiles from Jewsons and Broughs due to bad weather interfering with their deliveries. Despite this Tempus strove to have their product ready for Christmas by working late into the night and using craft fares and their webpages to promote sales. In keeping with their commitment to being respectful of the environment the packaging for the clocks is all cardboard. The clock is priced at £20.



HelenTimless (5)

Timeless are, Ebony Donaldson, Ellie Gauld, Rhona Bain, Brooke Allen, Pheobe Dunnett, Jasmin Walker, Hudson Thomas Johnson, Graham Aim, Harvey Crew, Aphra Wotherington, and Keira Gillespie

Timeless used Orkney Heritage as their inspiration and by means of a survey they ascertained that local themes and environmentally friendly products were the way to go so they decided to make Orkney themed clocks. With this in mind  their clocks are made from reusable wood pallets which they sourced from local businesses, their colouring came from Fairtrade Coffee stain which meant there was no harmful chemicals being used and for the sheen they used Beeswax polish. They spoke of their commitment to end single use plastics and had initially found some difficulty in avoiding plastics when considering the packaging, before they decided to go with cardboard.

One of the difficulties they found initially was around communication, the team did not know each other well to begin with, so they decided upon a course of team building which included a trip to the Ring of Brodgar. Timeless too found their numbers reduced due to someone leaving school and another two leaving due to school commitments.

The team worked using a timetable of clocking in and out during study time and after school. This way they were able to see who was and wasn’t pulling their weight.

They used Christmas Bazaars, parent’s night and their Facebook page as a way of selling their clocks. They also stated that if they were to do anything differently, they would perhaps outsource some of the work due to time consumption.

The clocks are selling for; Small £17, Large £20

The judges; Sarah Casey, Iona Corse, Ruth Pottinger, Glen McLellan, David Campbell and Kirsteen Stewart then retired to make their decisions.

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During the interlude we were treated to a musical performance by Hamish Burgen and Jayden Taylor.


When the judges returned an expectant hush came over the room, the prizes were as follows:

Best Company Report: Winners Timeless         

College 1st

Harvey Crew and David Campbell

Best Digital Presence: Winners Timeless 

College 2

Jasmin Walker and Ruth Pottinger

 Best Trade Stand: Winners Timeless

College 3

Ebony Donaldson and Sarah Casey

Best Presentation: Winners Tempus

College 4

Eben Crichton and Kirsteen Stewart

At this point Glen McLellan took to the floor to make the main presentation. Before he did he took a moment to stress that the results in no way were reflective of a run away contest. He said that the standards were both exceptionally high and it was much closer than perhaps folk were thinking. With this he went on to announce the overall winners.

Overall Winners:Timeless

Kenny Timeless

Timeless with Glen McLellan

Afterwards we caught up with a few of the winning Team Timeless:

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