Scotland’s Citizens Assembly Recruits Members

opinionScotland’s Citizens’ Assembly has started to invite participants. 

Scotland’s Citizens Assembly Takes Shape

Recruitment of members commenced on Monday 26th of August and people will be randomly  selected.

Recruiters will be out and about in communities across Scotland randomly selecting people, aiming to achieve a target profile that is broadly representative of the people of Scotland. Participants will be selected to be a ‘mini public’ of the adult population of Scotland on a range of geographic, demographic and political attitudes criteria. The target profile of the Assembly and method of recruitment have been published on the website.

The members, intended to be a ‘mini-public’, will be profiled against a range of criteria to ensure they are broadly representative according to geography, age, gender, ethnic group, educational qualifications, limiting long term conditions/disability and political attitudes towards Scottish independence, the UK’s membership of the EU and Scottish Parliament voting preferences.

Click on this link for the website: Citizens Assembly of Scotland Seanadh Saoranaich na h-Alba

Dates have also been set for the first meetings of the Citizens Assembly:6 weekends

  • 25/26 October (Edinburgh)
  • 29 November/1 December (Glasgow)
  • 17/19 January (Glasgow)
  • 21/23 February (Glasgow)
  • 27/29 March (Glasgow)
  • 24/26 April (Glasgow).


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