Let Life Live

By Bernie Bell

On the 23rd October 2019, I sent the following email to someone I correspond with, who is in a position to be heard, widely, on the subject I wrote about.  I’m not saying who, as that would be pushing him – it’s up to him………..

“Now then, yesterday evening, Mike and I watched a recorded episode of ‘The Americas’ with Simon Reeve.


Simon Reeve comes across as a good-natured man, and a he’s a good presenter.  In this episode, he goes to the far north of Canada, where he finds that indigenous women and children (note – women and children – not men) are disappearing – just, disappearing.  And – the authorities do nothing about it. Simon spoke with a  lad of 19, whose mother disappeared, and the Police didn’t even talk with him, about it. I know that the telly is often mis-leading about things, but I believe Simon Reeve to be one of the better ones doing this kind of programme.

I was going to go off on one at you about these being people on the edge of society. They are the indigenous folk, and they are not wanted there by The Powers That Be, who want to drill and mine. Some of the indigenous folk, are pleased enough at the benefits the mining companies bring, some, aren’t pleased. Some, disappear.

But I needn’t go on at you – you’ll see, what ‘s there, to be seen.

One thing – I suspect that it’s a case of…..these people are on the edges, no one cares much what happens to them.  So,  I suspect, the people traffickers move in, and take the women and children.  Preying on the vulnerable.  It’s what happens, more and more now – always has done, but so many opportunities are there, now, with the world in such turmoil.   Also – them taking the women and children, wouldn’t be worth their while, if there wasn’t a market at the other end for them.  A chain of culpability. Again, I needn’t labour the point with you.

The oil is wanted, as there are more vehicles, more planes, more petro-chemical by-products etc. etc. etc. There are more etc etc. etc. because there are more people. There are too many people. When there are too many  people, they prey on each other – and the vulnerable go under.

And why am I sending this to you? Because I know that you will have a feel for this, and…you have a voice in the world. Simon Reeve has a voice in the world, and good on him for using it as he does.  The more voices with a wide spread who speak out, the better.

You get my drift – I know you do.

I had bad dreams last night, featuring social breakdown ( not the name of a band!) and the struggles to survive.

Say no more.

Meanwhile –

Go placidly amid the noise and haste”

And now, today, I sent him this………….

“I sent you that email, yesterday, then, on the news yesterday evening, I see that 39 people were found, dead, in the back of a lorry.  I won’t say ‘bodies’ – they were, and are, people.

Why were they in the back of a lorry?  Most probably, hoping to find a ‘better life’ for themselves.  Someone took their money, bunged them in the back of a lorry, and forgot about them.


And, again, why am I wittering at you about this?  Because, you have a big voice, in the world, and you speak for the voiceless – whether because they’re ignored -or because they’re dead.

What a world.

No, it’s not the world – the world is just fiiiine. It’s us – there’s something going/gone amiss, with us.”

And, good man that he is, he responded thus………….

“I know, Bernie. Though I’ve no words for what happened yesterday to those people. None. A feeling of systems and pressures bigger than anything I can even see, let alone articulate, let alone resist. This is good, if that’s the right word, on the situation. “


And why am I sending this to The Orkney News?  Awareness – awareness – awareness – the more that are aware, the more that try to do ….something. If nothing else  -pester and embarrass The Powers That Be, wherever they may be – Canada – or Britain.

Let Life Live Bell

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