Knocking Stones In Mid Argyll – Part One

By Bernie Bell

Having received the most recent edition of ‘Kist’, the journal of the Kilmartin Glen Museum , and read the articles with interest, two in particular stood out, for me, as possibly being of interest to ‘Orkney News’ readers, as Orkney is such a place for interesting stones.

I checked with the Museum that it would be OK for me to share these articles,  and the very helpful lady there, sent me them, all formatted and ready.  So, here they are – much of interest – as always from ’Kist’……………..

Rock Art….or Rock Carvings? 

 The following is a short item from the most recent Kilmartin Museum Newsletter, about a project which aims to record as much of Scotland’s rock art as possible.

I realised that there is a difference, between what is referred to as rock art, and ….carvings on stone. For some reason, in Orkney there isn’t much rock art, as in, carvings done directly onto rocks, outdoors, whereas, there are more and more carvings turning up during each year’s excavations, at the Ness of Brodgar.  There are ‘bits & pieces’ of carvings to be found, at other sites on Orkney, but – not carving onto rock, in situ. Or, I don’t think there is!

I’m now wondering why this is so – there are places in Scotland, hooching with rock art – particularly around Kilmartin Glen, but – not Orkney?

I don’t know why!  It’s just been added to the many things that I wonder about.

Any ideas, anyone?

Friends of Kilmartin Museum Newsletter no 37, Autumn/Winter 2019-20

Scotland’s Rock Art Project

The Scotland’s Rock Art Project returned to Kilmartin in July this year for the second summer field school. This involved 13 archaeology students, mainly from Edinburgh University, as well as Cambridge University and California, who were supervised by the ScRAP Team and two mature students from the 2018 field school. A total of 59 carved were recorded during the two weeks of the field school, including some of the larger, more challenging panels such as Ormaig and Torbhlaren. The students created detailed records and 3D models of the rock art, and uploaded these to the ScRAP website where they are publicly accessible. As a result of the 2018 and 2019 ScRAP field schools, there are now detailed records for 155 of the 272 rock artpanels in Kilmartin and the surrounding areas, which you can view on the ScRAP website:

Cairnbaan rock art panel recorded by ScRAP volunteers, photo online

rock art Cairnbaan rock art panel recorded by ScRAP volunteers

Cairnbaan rock art panel recorded by ScRAP volunteers

If you are interested in this sorta thing – Kenny Brophy has written of rock art, in his Urban Pre-historian blog……

Another reliably good read, along with ‘Kist’!

Part 2  Tomorrow Knocking Stones In Mid Argyll by Dave & Pat Batty

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