OIC to Limit Grass Cutting in Public Spaces

News From Orkney Islands Council

Orkney Islands Council has asked contractors to provide a limited grounds maintenance service during the coronavirus outbreak.

This will begin on Monday 20 April, with the work carried out in line with Scottish Government safety advice published earlier this month.

Social distancing guidance means that operatives will be working singly, with only one person travelling in vehicles used for grounds maintenance.

As this will reduce productivity, the work will focus on cemeteries and public areas where people take their daily exercise at a safe distance from each other. Football pitches and some other areas will also receive cuts to maintain their condition and allow early recovery when restrictions are lifted.

The limited service the Council can currently put in place will unfortunately mean that some areas which would normally be mown will not be cut this year. This is an unavoidable consequence of the exceptional circumstances resulting from the Covid-19 outbreak.

Members of the public are asked to ensure they keep a safe distance from grounds maintenance operatives at all times.

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