Use Your Judgement : Easing Out of Lockdown

Scots have been urged to use their judgement in interpreting  the Route Map published by the Scottish Government on Thursday 21st of May. Covid19 framework for decision making Scotlands route map through and out of the crisis

The Route Map lays out phases that would allow Scotland to come out of lockdown carefully whilst continuing to suppress the Covid19 Virus. It relies on the R number (the rate of transmission) remaining low – for 3 weeks it has been between 0.7 and 1.

It is hoped that Scotland will be able to emerge from lockdown in a few days – Thursday 28th of May.

The different stages or phases are explained in this article: Scotland’s Route Map: Test and Protect

Phase 1 which might start on Thursday would allow some outdoor activities to start up if they can do so safely: like golf or bowling. Not to forget croquet.

Alice in Wonderland croquet

It is impossible to publish advice for every eventuality and that is why the plea from Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, is to use your own judgement about what it is safe to do both to protect yourself and others.

Phase 1

Seeing Family and Friends – whilst maintaining physical distancing

Increased use of public places like parks to sit (perhaps if the weather is better to even sunbathe)

One household to meet up with another household outdoors, in small numbers, including in gardens.

Getting Around – whilst maintaining physical distancing

Re-opening some workplaces  using staggered times and flexible working. Only where working from home is not possible.

Travelling short distances ( around 5 miles) for recreational purposes or to visit a relative

Walking and cycling are encouraged.

Schools, childcare and other educational settings

See this article: Scotland’s Route Map: Test and Protect

Schools to be back to a blended form of learning – a mixture of school based and home based education on 11th of August.

Childcare will gradually open up during the summer.

Working or running a business

Home working continues to be the best choice where it is possible.

Some sectors like construction will move towards re-opening.

Shopping, eating and drinking out

A gradual re-opening where it can be done safely. This includes garden centres.

People are asked to wear face coverings/masks when in shops to prevent transmission of the virus.

Sport, culture and leisure activities

More outdoor activities including: hiking, canoeing, outdoor swimming, angling, golf – and not forgetting croquet.

Community and public services

A gradual opening up of community support services like respite and day care for people with a disability.

Household refuse centres starting to re-open and the collection of recycling.

Gatherings and occasions

No large public gatherings

Health and Social Care

Re-starting of many NHS services which were delayed or cancelled due to the re-purposing of health services to deal with the Covid19 pandemic.

This includes more digital technology used for GP consultations, emergency dental treatment, IVF treatment and emergency eye care.

It may be possible for limited visits to care homes to take place by a family member.

The Test, Trace, Isolate and Support strategy – Test and Protect – will be available everywhere in Scotland.

The only way the easing of lockdown will be a success is if people use their judgement to decide for themselves what is the best thing to do to continue to protect themselves and others. Every one  of us is responsible for suppressing Covid19 to ensure the collective wellbeing for our communities.

The virus is still very much with us. People are still getting very ill and sadly many are dying. The advice remains the same for the rest of this week and during all of Phase 1:

  • Physical distancing of 2m 
  • Wearing a face covering/ mask in shops
  • Washing your hands

And if you suspect you have Covid19 – self isolate and follow this guidance:

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection

Use Your Judgement Covid19

 Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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  1. A timely piece Fiona. The Scottish Government, has given clear advice and step-by-step directions ( unlike – well – I needn’t say). It is then for each of us to look at what our own situation is, and work from/with that.

    I will take this opportunity to rant about schools opening in England on the 1st June. This is where a bit of civil disobedience can come in handy – if the teachers say “No we’re not going back until we believe that it’s safe to do so”, and the parents say “No, we’re not taking our children back to school, until we believe that it’s safe to so.” That’s – that.
    The Westminster government is not taking control, they are not in control, so, we need to take control, ourselves.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I’m glad I don’t live in England, and I’m glad I don’t have children to consider.

    Personally, as I’m bit of a risk person – I don’t breathe well at the best of times! – we’ll gauge it as we think best. We’ll stick to our present routine and situation, for now. I’ll stay home, only going out for walks near to home. Mike will shop once a week at the Stromness Co-op, where he’s been complimented on his face covering! and we’ll…..wait and see.

    “Live, live, live, live, stayin’ alive………”

  2. PS
    As Mike only goes into town once a week, to shop on a Saturday – we’ve only just seen the front page headline in the Orcadian.

    “NHSO chief defends decision to commute to Highland home.”

    Beggars belief, doesn‘t it?
    Iain Stewart has been commuting from Orkney, where he stays in “funded accommodation provided in Kirkwall” back and forth to his home in what is described as “believed to be in the Black Isle.”

    What? WHAT???

    A case of ‘do as I say, not as I do’???

    Reading the rest of the article – an almost Trump/Boris-esque quote “”Remember social distancing and all these kind of things.”

    Gives you confidence, doesn’t it?

    • For that matter – why doesn’t the head of Orkney NHS, live on Orkney?

      I’ve just re-read the article in The Orcadian and – the way Ian Stewart ‘explains’ his actions, and the general situation, reminds me of this…

  3. I am using my judgement by not changing my lockdown habits. I still think it’s too early and the rules too fuzzy and open to skillful interpretation. But I wish I could say the same thing about my neighbours who think it’s back to normal. They had a party for their 4 year old the other day and I am trying not to look out of the window and get angry.

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