Test and Protect: “A Collective National Endeavour”

Scotland’s strategy of test, trace, isolate and support will be available in every NHS Board area from this Thursday 28th of May.

Everyone – aged 5 and over who has symptoms of COVID19 is eligible and encouraged to take a test.

NHS Scotland

If you suspect you have symptoms:

  • isolate, this includes anyone else in your household
  • book a test
  • keep isolating until the results are back
  • if negative – you can stop isolating
  • if positive – you will have to isolate for 7 days
  • others in your household will have to isolate for 14 days
  • tracers will inform those you have been in contact with (but you will not be identified)

Link to more information : Coronavirus (COVID-19): Test and Protect

What does self isolation entail?

It means you do not leave your house at all – not for exercise, shopping or visiting relatives

You must not go into work

Household isolation means you and all household members should remain at home and shouldn’t go to work, school, public areas or use public transport. You shouldn’t go out to buy food or other essentials.

Avoid close contact with others by:

  • not having visitors
  • not using taxis or public transport
  • asking a friend or neighbour to get your shopping or arranging for a delivery to be left at your door
  • not sharing towels, clothes, toothbrushes or razors

The 14-day period starts from the day the first person in your house became ill. NHS Inform

How can I get tested?

Link for information on Covid 19 help and support in Scotland: NHS Inform

Link for additional information: Scottish Government related information

Also available is the National Assistance Helpline for those who cannot leave their home and do not have access to friends/family.

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