‘Tangled Chaos’: Jeanne Bouza Rose

Artist Jeanne Bouza Rose has tackled her confusion and disappointment at the state of politics in her home country of the USA in her new work. It can be viewed in the windows of the Northlight Gallery Stromness.

Jeanne has been experimenting with the form of her landscape paintings to express what she describes as the mess vast numbers of people are in with their minds clouded by conspiracy theories, who refuse facts and evidence.

She was prompted by an old ‘friend’ who, lonely and bereaved, found her group in Trump’s supporters and, adopting their extreme views, accused Jeanne of unspeakable crimes and opinions.

Instead of responding to this irrational and hurtful experience with anger, Jeanne has engaged in a creative burst of Art.

The exhibition ‘Tangled Chaos’ can be viewed in the windows of Northlight from 13th of February to 26th of February.


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  1. Looks interesting Jeannie- must feel a very alienating experience for you. I think our American son- in- law is glad he has now got British citizenship, but he misses his mother a lot.

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