53 New #Covid Cases in Orkney Since Friday

The cumulative total of covid cases in Orkney is now at 4,946.

The stats for Scotland published on the PHS website for 11th April 2022 are as follows:

All headline COVID-19 data can now be sourced from Public Health Scotland’s (PHS) COVID-19 Daily Dashboard.

The PHS COVID-19 Daily Dashboard includes a range of data on COVID-19 cases, hospitalisations, deaths and vaccinations, as well as neighbourhood and demographic breakdowns. Data on the number of confirmed COVID-19 inpatients in hospital and ICU has now been added to the dashboard too.

In addition, PHS will continue to publish the weekly COVID-19 Statistical Report and will provide open data behind all of the latest COVID-19 daily data on the Open Data Platform.

From 11 April 2022, the Scottish Government will no longer provide updates on COVID-19 data. 

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