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Places I have been:- Ouagadougou

the city scape of Ouagadougou with lots of high rise block type buildings

Sometime ago I travelled to Burkina Faso for work. This is a description of what happened and how I saw the trip. It has some humour is has some observations about the country or more specifically the Capital Ouagadougou. Things almost certainly will have changed since then, some for the better some for the worse, the country is now influenced by the Wagner Group.

The Church in Stronsay Part 6

the workmen on the site

Ian Cooper – “This photo would probably have been taken sometime in 1953/54 as the Church was opened in May 1955and shows some of the workmen who were involved in the building of the new Kirk having a break, Note the machinery in the background – I have a feeling that Health and Safety regulations may not have been quite as strict then as they are today! Standing: James Mowat, Johnno Miller, Tom Carter, James Work Snr, George (Dod) Burghes, Ernest Firth, (contractor) & Sammy Reid. Sitting: Ronnie Garson, Edward Dunnet, Frances Craigie, John Miller, John Pottinger. “