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Sgathaich: Crash Bandicoot

The Crash Bandicoot character

Crash Bandicoot really does feel like a continuation of the previous gens mascot platformer designs. But of course, the big difference is this is 3D so he has a fair few more directions he can move in than just left to right and jumping. Crash’s primary movement is with his back to the camera going forward, to the point the game went under the code name once of Sonic’s Ass Game.

Sgathaich: Tomo-Chan is a Girl

screen shot from the anime of Tomo and her male friend walking together through a street

Originally a 4-koma or four panel manga series well known to be the go-to format for comedy. ‘Tomo-Chan is a Girl’ tells the story of Tomo Aizawa. A tomboyish red head who has just declared her love to long-time friend Junichiro Kubota.. who just laughs it off as if she was playing with him like a good old chum.

Sgathaich: Devil May Cry 5

opening screen shot from trailer to Devil May Cry 5 with the title and a swirling frondy figure

The story is set after the events of 4 and we’re thrown right into the action. Nero the main protag of 4 has had his arm ripped off and has been contacted by a man named V to take down the demon who did that, who he has called Urizen, Dante already way ahead of them and currently fighting the demon.