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Wish You Were Here

” The pandemic allowed many of us to press the reset button, to re-evaluate, to prioritise. And I realised that I actually missed it. Like, really missed it. And I recognised the absolute joy that people experience in a gathering, a Ceilidh, a blether, a kind word, a joke, an embrace, a handshake.”

The Long and Winding Road

head and shoulders of Alec Ross

“One of the admirable conceits of Scotland – something that has helped us eschew the idea that there is no such thing as society since at least 1955 – is that wealth isn’t measured by the size of your wallet but by the depth of your humanity.”

All To Play For

head and shoulders of Alec Ross

Scotland men’s football team may have taken the admirable decision to boycott the World Cup Finals, as it continues to occupy a moral high ground it has made its own since 1998, but that is not to say that the country has nothing to play for this week. Far from it.