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The Last Tram

head and shoulders of Alec Ross

The original trams idea predates the SNP’s period as Scotland’s government. Indeed, having become the minority government in 2007, and with the trams legislation up for discussion, the party actually voted against it and wanted to spend the money on dualling the A9, as they stated in their manifesto ahead of the Holyrood election.

‘Facts are Chiels That Winna Ding’

Today, the numbers we were talking about – the exporting of forty bottles of whisky per second, the incredible contribution of farming to Scotland’s GDP – are now very much a mainstream discussion. It’s hugely encouraging that promotion of one of Scotland’s greatest success stories is being championed widely.

Some thoughts on Labour

head and shoulders of Alec Ross

All that nonsense about being a beating heart of a new UK. It’s another vow, another “lead us don’t leave us”. I want to be at the heart of a new Scotland that wishes nothing to do with the heartless opportunism of people who know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Jam Today

head and shoulders of Alec Ross

“At the height – or depth – of Trumpian America, folk would say: “ach, but at least we’re no’ America!But today America had the
decency and the cojones to indict a disgraced former leader. Yet, on the same day, Boris Johnson got to reward the very people who helped him to continually fail upwards whilst at the same time making them unelected legislators over all our lives. Forever.”