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Lost on the Moon

In 1964, in the Daily Express, Sydney Jordan’s ‘Jeff Hawke’ strip ran a story called ‘Moonstruck’. Detail from ‘Moonstruck’, story and art by Sydney Jordan, Daily Express, 23/10/64 – 11/12/64, reprinted in William Rudling, ed., The Lunar 10, Jeff Hawke Club, 2007. “The ‘Jeff Hawke’ title is the copyright of The Daily Express and created by Sydney Jordan. “

The Ownership of the Moon, Part 1

“In Man and the Planets  (Ashgrove Press, 1983)  ASTRA tried to show that any constructive approach to lunar development must include provision for independence and for Earth-Moon system federation, as a prelude to Solar System federation, and with the Moon as the most likely future seat of government “

The Lunar Farside

“Hard though it is to believe now, in 1959 the standard method of returning images to Earth was by bringing back the exposed film in capsules.  The US was doing it with its Discoverer satellites, and the off-course fall of one off Spitsbergen was the inspiration for Alastair Maclean’s Ice Station Zebra. “