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The Lunar Farside

“Hard though it is to believe now, in 1959 the standard method of returning images to Earth was by bringing back the exposed film in capsules.  The US was doing it with its Discoverer satellites, and the off-course fall of one off Spitsbergen was the inspiration for Alastair Maclean’s Ice Station Zebra. “

The Great Upheaval #OnThisDay

painting shows families gathered on the shore as soldiers order them about to boats in the bay

“That your Land & Tennements, Cattle of all Kinds and Livestocks of all Sorts are forfeited to the Crown with all other your effects Savings your money and Household Goods, and you yourselves to be removed from this Province.”  On June 4th 1760 planters from New England arrived in Nova Scotia to claim land from the cleared Acadians