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What is going on?

As the reality of massive rises in our energy bills arrives in our In-Box or Letter Box, households and businesses are struggling to find how they will pay. Faced with, at the same time, rises in basic foods, mortgages and rents – we ask – What is going on?

UK Government Vetoes Scotland’s Law Makers: Reaction Roundup

“Gender recognition is a devolved policy area and this does not change the Equality Act 2010 or give any additional rights to those with a certificate. It shortens and simplifies the process and, particularly, ends the requirement for a psychological diagnosis of gender dysphoria. This is in keeping with the guidance from the World Health Organisation and from the United Nations, which recommends change to a legal statutory process based on self-identification.

Orkney Fails In Bid For Freeport Status

Freeports are able to attract outside investment by offering lucrative deals which other areas cannot do. It means the Freeports have a significant weakening effect on areas not within their sphere. Around the world Freeports are known for being tax havens, for laundering money and for ignoring workers rights.