Protesting Pooches’ Poop Posters

A group of irate dog walkers are shocked at posters appearing around top canine toilet stops in Orkney. Mrs Flett McGinty who regularly prowls the Neolithic landscape of the Ring of Brodgar with Spangles her German Shepherd contacted The Orkney News as soon as she became aware of them.

Mrs McGinty, 72, Sandwick said

” I have been toiletting Spangles here for years and not once have I been forced to carry a poo bag. It is dreadful to think at my age I have to scoop the poop. The cooncil have gone too far this time”.


World Heritage Site bins 

Mrs McGinty is among a growing band of walkers who are protesting by continuing to refuse to pick up their doggy doos.


Cygnet Swanson, local antiquarian and walker of Rodolphus, a 5 year old chihuahua, said:

“For 5000 years Orkney dugs have been coming to these ancient stones to evacuate their bowels. This is just another example of centralisation by Hysterical Scotland. ”

With the UK about to leave the EU it is not know yet if regulations regarding doggy doos will be included in the negotiations.

Reporter: Fergus Graemsay

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    • Only dogs who are qualified archaeologists are approved by Hysterical Scotland to dig holes at the World Heritage site

  1. If you have a dog you should pick up it’s poop so that others don’t have to deal with the consequences of your irresponsible and illegal behaviour.

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