Poetry Corner: Them and Us by Bernie Bell

Two poems contributed by readers of The Orkney News

There are so many great things about being human, but one of the more questionable aspects is this ‘them and us’ stance. I don’t know why why we do it, but it appears to be something in us, right through time.

Two poems, one by Mike and one by me, both written some time ago –

Mike’s poem…….

Relativity for Beginners

If East is East
And West is West
Then where, my dear, is here?
It’s North of South
And South of North
And far from nowhere near.

If Then was Now
Then tell me how
Tomorrow never comes?
And some time soon
Today has gone
And the future’s not begun.

If I to You
Am you, not me
Then tell me who are we?
To them, they’re us
And we are they
To us, we’re me and thee.

So Where and When
And who you are
Depends on where you stand
So take another
Point- of-view
And join me hand-in-hand.


My poem………….


In Yorkshire, we say ‘F***’ a lot
In Hertfordshire, they don’t.
In Yorkshire, we eat pie & peas
In Hertfordshire, they won’t.

A Yorkshire man, will say what’s what
In Herts., they keep it in.
In Yorks., they sup on John Smiths Bitter
In Herts., they sip on gin.

Between North and South, there’s such division
Why do they make a fuss?
I suppose it’s just the human condition
It’s always them and us.


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