Recognising the Damage of Non-Physical Domestic Abuse

A new bill to strengthen the laws against those who psychologically abuse their partners using coercive and controlling behaviour has been launched in the Scottish Parliament.

The Bill creates a new statutory offence of domestic abuse that recognises the damage and hurt that non-physical abuse can cause.

Nicola Sturgeon,First Minister of Scotland said:

“I am proud that, as a society, we’ve come a long way from believing that domestic abuse is only a physical act. The truth is that the psychological scars left by emotional abuse can have devastating effects on victims, and this government will work hard to make sure perpetrators face the justice they deserve.”

“This bill will help our police and prosecutors hold abusers to account, but importantly, it also shows those who have suffered abuse that we stand with them and will take the steps needed to help them.”

“The YWCA, alongside ASSIST, Scottish Women’s Aid and many other groups provide a vital lifeline for survivors.”

Contact details for Orkney Women’s Aid

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  1. It’s easier to see a bruised arm, than a bruised spirit.
    It’s well time that this was recognized for what it is.
    And it’s not just women who are victims – men can be on the receiving end of controlling mind-games too.

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