Rousay Rookel Ready to Roll

Reality TV is about to see  one of the biggest social experiments  ever coming to Orkney. TV company Enditall have rented a large area at a secret location on Rousay where they are establishing a secure environment for their participants.

Enditall were astonished at the huge response they got on social media when they launched the application process. Those who have been selected will be living completely unaided as our ancestors did in 1953.

A replica Orkney house of the era has been constructed under the strict guidance of local resident and expert on 1953, Mrs Flett McGinty. A difficult woman to get hold of The Orkney News finally caught up with her on the M.V. Eynhallow as it docked at Tingwall.

Mrs McGinty said:

“It was wonderful to be asked to do this for Channel V and it be given complete control over setting up the house. It will be hard going for the youngsters but I have been assured that psychologists are on hand to see them through the difficult times.”

Spam_can.pngEverything in the house is as it would be in 1953, a time before the internet and mobile phones and contestants will not be permitted to take any modern devices or clothing in with them. Food has been provided with tins of SPam having to be won as a luxury item.

Unlike Big Brother, the show ‘Rousay Rookel‘, will allow hens. In keeping with the experiment contestants will be expected to care for the hens and consume the eggs they produce. Once a few weeks have passed and participants have become attached emotionally to our feathered friends, there will be a complete re-enactment of The Great Storm of 1953 and the hens will be removed over night. Psychologists will then be able to analyse the effects on the youngsters in their isolated abode cut off from all outside communication.

A spokesperson for Enditall said:

“We are excited by this new opportunity to watch people snivelling and falling out over tins of SPam. Having to use an outside cludgie should also add to viewers entertainment as contestants will only have the options of sliced up newspaper or hard scratchy Izal for cleansing purposes.”

Residents of Rousay are completely in the dark about what is going on and are staying well out of it but The Pier Bar is enjoying its most successful time ever.

Reporter: Fergus Graemsay


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  1. One of my Great-nephews is amazed that, as he put it, I was “alive in the 50’s”!
    It was a different time – I never ate Spam though – yuk.
    It gets me when folk say “Back in the 70’s”, as though that was the Dark Ages.
    I had a lot of fun in the 70’s – GOOD TIMES. And we somehow managed to do so, without feckin’ facebook!

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