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There’s been a wee bit of a kerfuffle on Facebook as regards replies to a question to the SNP candidate, Miriam Brett. As it involved Marc Herridge, I am blithely assuming it was wildlife-related, and delivered in his own inimitable style.

I would normally let that pass but, I too, have had no response to a question regarding SNP environmental policy, not even an acknowledgement that either the message or email arrived.

To be fair, given the alternatives, I’m likely to vote SNP on June 8th, but in previous elections I have had fairly reasonable responses from candidates (80% success rate in 2015).

I am unlikely to be able to be present in person at a hustings event, and am not in a position to live stream online debates, so social media messaging or email are my only logical options. And, given the rural nature of our constituency, I’m probably not alone in that.

Whilst I appreciate that Miriam is unlikely to be answering all those messages herself, it does rankle a little bit that a campaign is unable to respond in a timely manner.

Kind Regards,

Graeme Walker

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  1. Just as an update I had a message from Miriam after 10 days asking for the message to be resent to that email address which has been done … I await the reply with interest …. The other candidates have eventually replied reluctantly and will not get my vote so I hope to have someone to. It’s for 🙂

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