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No Tobacco Day

The leaf that makes most men to smoke;
The smoke that’s puffed, poisoning the air;
What stains the teeth and gums, hair, nails, hair;
Substance abused from ancient times;
What kills the young and old addicts;
The frond that causes cancers galore;
What is ingested, snuffed and smoked;
The first cash-crop that steals coffers.
The dark that clouds the light of lives;
The joy short-lived that shortens life;
The poison that aborts the child;
The evil that bewitches most.
The habit that one rarely quits.
The smoke that steals the air from lungs;
The weed that cuts the thread of life;
The vice that drives away virtues.


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  1. I ask each person reading this, who smokes cigarettes – how many people do you know, personally, who have died due to smoking? And how many people do you know of, who also have lost folk that they knew, and loved, due to smoking?
    And did you see the grief, and confusion and despair about how to continue, which affects those left behind?
    And yet you still do it…………why?
    I know, hard words, but they are from personal experience. It’s not just down to you – you can do what you like to yourself – it’s also the ripples which spread out, a long way, over many, many years. And, it’s avoidable – totally avoidable.
    And there are those around you who have to breathe it too – not so much now, thank goodness, thanks to the smoking ban.

    And – it stinks!
    And it makes you stink – honestly – it does. To a non-smoker, a smoker absolutely stinks.

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