“Quango Funded Vandalism” at Local Noust

A row has erupted in the normally peaceful town of Stromness. Local resident Arthur Robertson has posted horrendous photos on Facebook of what has been done at the historic Clouston Pier’s Noust in the town.

Arthur has posted:

“Quango funded Vandalism in Historic Clouston’s Pier Noust. All residents and Councillors ever saw was a line on a drawing. No one could anticipate this OTT location inappropriate over engineered monstrosity. This is a relatively sheltered Noust not Warbeth!”

“We have U shaped concrete weights, covered with chippings and seven by 9 tonne concrete, rope & wire mattresses & a hazard to those seeking to use a privately owned pier, is a huge “diffuser” weighing in at 3 tonnes (guesstimate) & standing a metre or so high on the seabed right at the approach to the steps or the end of this fisherman owned & operated pier.”

” I do not blame the contractors they have to follow these quite ridiculous, over engineered, hair brained nonsense thought up by whom and passed by whom? The residents and under Udal Law we own our seabed, were never properly consulted!”

The photos are truly shocking and you can see more of them on Arthur Robertson’s Facebook page.

It is more than a bit ironic that it comes at a time when Stromness is celebrating its strong links with the sea during its Per Mare celebrations

The Orkney News will continue to follow this story and Arthur Robertson’s efforts to get this sorted.

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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