Poetry Corner: Walking Boots

Boots squelch,

Mud sucks,

Striding out.


Tough, friendly boots,

Rich, red-brown,

Fasten me in.


Fresh wet air,

Misty breath,

Satisfying lungfuls.


Take in the country,

Fields and tracks,

Gather it in.


Marching along,

Loving the land,

With my feet.


(sing) “I love to be a rambler”,

Hiking around,

In mum’s old boots.


Long legs like mine,

Step alongside

Walking with me.


By Wendy Alford January  2007


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  1. Hoy! was the last of my ‘Orkney Walks With Stories’. I enjoyed writing them, and I hope folk enjoyed reading them, and exploring Orkney. This is a poem by friend Wendy, which I think accompanies those stories, well. Walking, with those past and present by your side.

  2. And Charlie – keep on keeping on – you will be loved more than you think you are – it’s usually the case – more than you can see – maybe following this link and reading it will help?
    You are very much not alone – very much so. Keep on keeping on – reach out – if you can – it can be the beginning of things clearing………………….I’ll stop now!


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