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The Orkney News will not be reporting from the Orkney & Shetland count to be held in the Kirkwall Grammar School after the close of polls on Thursday 8th June. Apparently by the time I applied to attend the count as a reporter for The Orkney News there was no room left in the large arena of the Kirkwall Grammar School such is the media scrum to relay to the watching world what is happening in the second smallest constituency in the UK. I asked for a list of all the media  that will be there but this has not been forthcoming. Perhaps it is too long a list.

I have to confess I am not distressed by the rejection of my request to attend as I have hated everything about this snap General Election which was totally unnecessary. On Friday morning after 5 weeks of political campaigning unworthy of the people of this country we will wake up to the ongoing brexit shambles, children living in poverty, farmers unsure whether they will have a livelihood in 2 years time and the continuing heartbreak of the dreadful murders in Manchester and London.

I will turn out to vote on Thursday as I firmly believe that every one of us plays a part in what is unfolding in this country and if our votes can put a brake on any of it or even make a change for the better then at least we have tried.

The Orkney News is pleased to report that our readership numbers are fabulous way beyond what we ever expected. We would like to thank all the amazing contributors to our pages. A community based not for profit newspaper for Orkney, telling the stories and publishing the articles that people were not getting before we came along is what we aim to do in the alternative media. Readership engagement is very important for us and anyone who wishes to contribute to The Orkney News can contact

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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  1. Yes, Fiona. Universal suffrage in Britain was hard won. There is no excuse not to vote – even if the candidates are all un-appealing – then vote for the least un-appealing!
    May not sound like sound political policy – but…..we can’t just not vote. We have to at least do something. When people whinged about Maggie Thatcher, I’d ask, “Did you vote?” If they answered, as they often, all too often, did – “No – what’s the point? They’re all the same.” Then I’d say that they had no right to complain. No wonder I don’t have many friends!
    We didn’t used to be allowed to vote – and you know how being told I’m not allowed sets me off!
    And I don’t just mean women – I mean us – the peasants, the public. We didn’t used to be allowed. Now we are – and we must.
    Short story – years ago, someone I know was so dis-enchanted with the local politics (not here), that he stood as a candidate for The Anal Hair Party. He got some votes, and he made a point.
    He even got to stand on the Town Hall balcony on election night and have his name read out – ‘Dave Bardsley – Anal Hair Party 93 votes’.
    Gotta larf ain’t ya?

  2. I suppose that the Mail & Torygraph will have got in!!!! Seems like Press Freedom to me and I don’t think. Could being one of the ‘Magnificent 4’ have anything to do with it?

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