Orkney’s Modern Apprentices are Top of the Class

Orkney tops the league table of those achieving the high standards of the Modern Apprenticeship scheme at a whopping 93% compared to the Scottish national average of 78%.

The number of people starting on a Modern Apprenticeship scheme in Scotland has exceeded its 2016/17 target and risen this year to 26,262. Just over 3/4 of those starting the scheme are in the 18 – 24 age group with the much needed construction industry having the greatest proportion of those.

“Modern Apprenticeships (MAs) provide individuals with the opportunity to secure industry-recognised qualifications at a range of Vocational Qualification (VQ) levels while in employment”  Modern Apprenticeship Statistics

In Orkney the number of new starts was 120.

Figures for Orkney for Those Starting the Scheme

  • 2012/13……92
  • 2013/14……108
  • 2014/15……65
  • 2015/16……120
  • 2016/17……102

Companies in Orkney are eligible  for additional support to help them employ Modern Apprentices. The Rural Supplement is delivered as part of the block grant Skills Development Scotland receives from the Scottish Government.

Minister for Employability and Training in the Scottish Government, Jamie Hepburn said:

“We are continuing to enhance our Modern Apprenticeships so they bring the right balance of opportunities to suit employers and the workforce. In 2017 we are expanding the number of Graduate Level and Foundation Apprenticeships, giving more individuals the chance to take on work-based learning through universities and schools.”

“We have introduced a new Rural Supplement to help support training provision in more remote areas, we are removing public sector restrictions around MA funding,  increasing the opportunities for apprentices over 25, and  enhancing contribution rates for disabled people and those under the age of 29 with experience of care.”

Commenting on the increase in the number of Modern Apprenticeships  Chief Executive of Skills Development Scotland Damien Yeates said:

“It is great news for young people, employers and Scotland as a whole that we now have a record number of Modern Apprentices.”

“It is clear that employers are continuing to invest in their workforce and developing skills through employing Modern Apprentices.”

“At SDS we will continue to work with individuals, employers, training providers and partners to widen access to apprenticeship and the opportunities that work based learning provides.”

The number of those in Modern Apprenticeship training in Scotland is now 37,086 with 22,358  of those being between the ages of 16 to 19. The highest number of Modern Apprenticeships are in the construction industry at 11,132 with engineering & energy at 4,813 and sport health & social care at 3,918.

There are four levels of Apprenticeships in  Scotland:
 Level 2: Modern Apprenticeships at SCQF 5 (SVQ 2)
 Level 3: Modern Apprenticeships at SCQF 6/7 (SVQ 3)
 Level 4: Technical Apprenticeships at SCQF 8/9
 Level 5: Professional Apprenticeships at SCQF 10+.

The Modern Apprenticeship Scheme is a central part of the Scottish Government’s  Developing the Young Workforce strategy.

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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