Finnie Calls on Scot Gov to Publish Letter from DUP

Local MSP  John Finnie, Scottish Greens has called on the Scottish Government to publish a letter it received from Arlene Foster of the Democratic Unionist Party.

It was revealed by former Minister Marco Biagi on twitter that Ms Foster wrote to him on the subject of equal marriage in her time as a Government Minister in the Northern Ireland Assembly.


John Finnie MSP, Scottish Green Party

Mr Finnie said:

“People are rightly concerned about the proposed dirty deal between the homophobic, misogynistic, climate-change denying, racist and sectarian DUP and the Conservative Party.”

“It has been repeatedly claimed by Conservative party figures that the DUP will not attempt to influence ‘social issues’ such as equal marriage and LGBTI rights across the rest of the UK, yet this letter would seem to indicate that they have tried to exert such influence previously.”

“It is vital that the Scottish Government demonstrate complete transparency on this matter, do not hide behind Freedom of Information rules and publish the letter and any other relevant correspondence without delay.”

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