We’re just goin up tae the Isle o Skye

A day trip tae Skye has been weel planned oot this time. Car, dug, in laws & Helen with map on the lap , supplies o hard boiled sweets 🍬 & pan drops for the auld yins😉.

We headed off from Ardgarry Farm in Invergarry at a steady rate o knots, it’s approx 50 miles so just over an 1 1/2 hour drive ahead if it’s no raining and guess what 🌧🌧🌧 all the way. We arrived at the Skye bridge (no toll charges in Scotland👍).20170616_125913 We drove into Kyleakin just over the bridge and stopped for a blink at the pier.20170616_130308 As you can see from the pics it was a dreich day. Onward and upwards to SligachanSligachan Skye where we stopped for a bite to eat at the Seumas’ bar & restaurant

(very good menu and tasty food also dog friendly). We travelled onto the capital Portree where we had a stroll around the the toon.Portree SkyeWe then travelled to Dunvegan Castle but alas the last entry was 17.00 hrs so no entry for us. Took a photo from the pier just round the corner from the castle.20170616_171250 Travelled on round Skye but weather was against us today so no more pics, although weather was poor the whole experience on our first trip to Skye was most enjoyable and look forward to our return and a sunny day preferably.

Reporter: Kenny Armet

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  1. Hello to The Armets!
    I tried to just send you the link to my Tripadvisor entry for the Taste of India, but it won’t let me. I have an up-and-down relationship with t’Internet.
    Anyway – here it is, for if/when you’re back on Skye.
    We’d meant to have a day there, too, but the exhaust fell off our car on the way! Thanks to a wonderful garage in Kyle we got sorted out quite quickly, but went straight to our B&B ( The Craigmonie – also reviewed on Tripadvisor – v. good). So, the next day, we only had a short time on Skye, but, thanks to the advice of Tommy Dougherty of the Craigmonie ( not the famous footballer!) we felt we really got a taste of Skye, too. We drove through/down what might be called the right-hand side of Skye, by a magnificent mountain – Blaven – may have spelt that wrong, to Elgol.
    We mean to/hope to return to Skye – but driving down to Elgol, was just right for a short visit.
    Isn’t that whole area, absolutley beautiful! What a holiday – I hope you’re enjoying yours, as much as we enjoyed ours.
    Here’s the link for the Taste of India:-


    • Helen said you had recommended (Taste of India). We did pass it on the way to Portree and back again but we had eaten so much at Seamus’ restaurant at Sligachan which was ideal as our dog (Bandit) could get a great runabout at the caravan & camping site opposite. We will return to Skye and explore more.

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