Deerness Community Centre Vintage Rally

The vintage show held at the Deerness Community Hall was excellent.IMG_4435 The volunteers and all concerned who helped organise this rally should be very proud of themselves. The weather was kind and the sun came out🌞 to cheer everyone up, smiley faces😃 all around.

There were teas, coffee☕ and cakes🍰 n buns 🍩galore.

The hall is powered by a wind turbine which generates all their electrics and then generates income back from the main grid👌.20170709_142622

The vintage engines, tractors and cars were obviously the pride and joy of their owners as their knowledge enthused. I spoke firstly to Robin Dickinson about his 1931 “Lister B Engine”.20170709_143522 He recovered this from a byre in Rendall, approximately a year ago and runs completely unrestored. His 1950s “Stuart Turner Water Pump Set” all original.20170709_143511 Then the 1947 “Lister D Engine” specs 23DHS one & half horsepower, this he had to do a complete rebuild.

I then spoke to Allan Scott, he had a 1937 “International 10/20” 25 horsepower mostly original parts.

He also had a “Case 32 horsepower ” on show20170709_145111 but much prefers  vintage to classic models of tractors. There were many more tractors at the show which you can see from the slide show.

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There was a lovely 1958 AJS 500 motorcycle beautifully restored by Stuart & Freddie Wylie in 1998.

We then went for some coffee n cake, whilst awaiting the vintage cars which were doing a drive through Orkney. They arrived as scheduled (almost) 🤔as the video shows.

The amount of dedication the owners must put into these vehicles has to be applauded👏There were too many owners to talk to so I will let you enjoy this slide show.

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There were other activities going on, music was played by the”Orkney Traditional Music Project”IMG_4432 and a bouncy castle for the bairns.

A great day out 🖒and hopefully it will keep going year after year.


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