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Those who fly the Northern Isles have welcomed the news that in addition to the new services on offer from FlyBe and Loganair a new air company has been formed. Local entrepreneur Daniel Dario has set up a unique local service which will provide flights to a variety of niche air fields on mainland Scotland.

Daniel Dario has named his fabby new air company, Be-Logan,  not after the main airlines, which some have suggested, but after his obsession with X-Men’s Wolverine with whom he closely identifies and is often confused with when seen at the frequent air shows that he attends.

Be-Logan being a small company with even smaller airplanes will be able to depart at what would be often thought of as unusual times and will deposit passengers to the smaller airfields around Scotland which are places many folk often don’t get the chance to see. For those who want an even more personalised service parachutes are available to literally drop you off at your destination. Daniel Dario who pilots the planes himself actually advises all passengers to don the parachute before departure.

Daniel explained his reasoning behind this unusual move:

“Well its all to do with the health and safety regs. And as a responsible operator not someone trying to make a quick buck or anything, I like to provide my passengers with the ultimate in safety measures. They know that when they fly with Be-Logan  that their safety is our prime concern. I’m not in this to make money but to provide a much needed personalised service to the folks of the Northern Isles who all like a bit of excitement when they travel.”

Prices for flying with Be-Logan are still in the formative stage but single flights only can be booked. You won’t, of course, be landing at the big airports around the country but a taxi service is on call for any field that you may land up in. And if you use the parachute facility you will land as near to your intended destination as your skills take you – and the wind.

Good Luck we say to Daniel Dario and Orkney Folks BeAwAir of Be-Logan.

Reporter: Fergus Graemsay


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  1. Perhaps trampolines can be provided, to save on landing fees to pick you up. Training to get the jump timing right will be provided on the outward flight.

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