Die Zauberflöte

Die Zauberflöte

(The Magic Flute)


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Last night The Picky screened a live broadcast of Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte from the Royal Opera House Covent Garden.

I was uncertain how this was going to work since a visit to the opera has loads of sense of occasion, ambiance etc etc compared with a trip to a cinema. I need not have worried, despite all of the above, what it lacked in ambiance et al, it more than made up for with superb camera work.

This accorded the viewer with close ups of the cast and the conductors expressive face that would only be had from an expensive box plus theater binoculars. One little delight was a close up of the 3 little boys who were complete with grubby faces and knees!  We were treated to a superb performance by a talented multi ethnic cast.

Well work it did and thoroughly enjoyable and I didn’t need to wear a collar and tie! There are 3 more of these scheduled in 2017 and more next year.

La Bohéme  October 3rd

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, Having seen the trailer– it looked well suitable for children.   October 23rd

The Nutcracker  December 5th

Links to these events and others at the Pickaquoy Centre can be found here

Reporter Nick Morrison

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