Poetry Corner

In light of recent events I have chose a poem about respect because without respect we have nothing.

Bernie Bell Orkney

By Evangeline
Respect is rarely given to those who
It’s a thing best described as something
well earned
By the way you treat others; lend an ear
or a hand
Or by living your life through lessons
Lift up your brother, your friend and your
Stand by their side; don’t hover above
Respect, freely given, is a seed that will
Returned with a smile, with honor and
Slander your neighbor with whispered
Cast the first stone with a glint in your eye
Boast of your triumphs, possessions and
The respect that you covet will soon pass you
Be quietly humble of blessings received
You throw them away when thrown in
someone’s face
Be honored of all that you’ve worked to
Reap what you’ve sown but with pride in
its place
Take pleasure and joy in the life that
you’ve earned
Let ego stay dormant on discarded shelf
See all with your heart; opened eyes that
Respect can be gained by respecting

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