Win For Team Stromness

Team Stromness has scooped top prize in  a National Planning award ceremony in Edinburgh.

Planning Awards

l – r are Roddy Mackay OIC Head of Development, Planning and Regulatory Service, Kevin Stewart MSP and Stuart West OIC Planning Manager

Among the points that impressed the judges were:

  • Repaving the main street in Stromness in local stone.
  • Construction of the landmark Warehouse Building.
  • Paving and redevelopment of the wider pierhead area.
  • Grants for private householders and businesses to help traditional repairs and refurbishment through the Stromness THI.
  • Redevelopment by the Council of the Commercial Hotel through the Stromness THI.

Gavin Barr , Executive Director of Development and Infrastructure Services said:

“I’m incredibly proud of this achievement which is strong validation of the hard work and professionalism of the Council team, and the fruits of collaborative working with the community. There is heavy competition for this national award and it is fitting evidence of  Orkney’s capability that we have come out on top.”

Watch: Team Stromness – Scottish Awards for Quality in Planning – Full version of video


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  1. Well done to Team Stromness.
    Let’s hope that any further development will continue to take into consideration the character of the town.
    When in Kirkwall last Tuesday evening, I saw for the first time, the new lamps which have replaced the fine old lamps in the town centre. Who’s idea was that? I appreciate that low energy lighting is a good thing, and that reducing light pollution is a good thing, but…, low energy bulbs can be used in old casings – it has been done.
    It may seem like a small thing, but I, for one, think it does make a difference to the look of Broad street. We have photos taken when the old lamps were there, and the Christmas lights were on, and …it all adds to it.
    I don’t know who’s bright idea it was, but I hope that the old lamps have been kept and will be put back in place.
    And….please keep the old lamps in Stromness. Again, we have photos taken which include them, and they do add to the atmosphere of the area in front of the Stromness Hotel, and, for that matter, the view from the Stromness Hotel.
    OK, end of grouch.
    Well done Team Stromness – big thumbs down Team Kirkwall. And, think on, re. proposed further ‘developments’ and ‘improvements’.

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