Views Sought on Inshore Fisheries Proposals

Consultation on Proposed Sites to Host Inshore Fisheries Pilots 2017


Tingwall (F Grahame)

Five different proposals are being brought forward by Marine Scotland for further public consultation  for sites that should be considered for the Inshore Fisheries Pilot initiative.The aim of the initiative is to explore alternative approaches to managing inshore fisheries.

The proposals cover:

  • The Inner Sound of Skye
  • Mull
  • Orkney
  • The Outer Hebrides

The pilots will investigate two different methods of fisheries management:

  • A localised approach to fisheries management, where fishing interests are involved in developing distinct local arrangements
  • The impact of separating different methods of fishing, such as creeling and trawling, within specified areas.
The intention is that, following this consultation, new management arrangements will be introduced at two sites for a two-year period.
The original proposals can be viewed here.

Outline of the Proposals

  1. The Inner Sound of Skye:- The key aim of the proposed pilot is to trial the separation of mobile and static gears.
  2. West Coast RIFG – Mull Crabbing Box:- The aim of this proposal is to trial the seasonal separation of mobile and static gear, along with a limit on static gear effort.
  3. Orkney Scallop Fishery:- The aim of the proposed pilot is to trial local management arrangements for scallops within 6 nautical miles (nm) of the Orkney Isles.
  4. Outer Hebrides:- A proposal to limit the number of creels that vessels may operate in the area identified
  5. Zonal Boxes:- This concept involves the establishing of ‘zonal boxes’. These would be areas/zones of the sea where either static or mobile gear fishing activity would be permitted for a limited period of time, in reaction to local events.
crabMarine Scotland want to hear views on which of the proposals should be introduced as pilots
particularly  from those likely to be directly or indirectly impacted by any of the proposals.
The consultation closes on Thursday 22 February 2018. To access click here

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