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Having just shared in a glass of Gluhwein with friends, I thought this week’s poem should therefore focus on Christmas.





A poem for Christmas

What does Christmas mean to me and to you?
Excessive shopping, so many things to do.
Fir trees and baubles, tinsell and glitter
Fancy wrappings that so soon end up as litter.

Christmas puddings, mince pies and steaming mulled wine
Roast turkey and trimmings and food so fine,
Crackers, joke hats, gifts under the tree.
Is that what Christmas means to you and to me?

Parties and presents, reindeers and sleighs,
Youngsters demanding the latest new craze.
Adverts on telly that just seem to shout.
Is this what Christmas is really about?

There are those for whom this most famous date,
Means nothing that they can celebrate.
Those who live in hardship and fear
And is their lives’ pattern as year follows year

Christmas for them is rarely that good.
As they struggle to find just enough food.
A chimney for Santa means nothing to them
Just trying to keep warm is their biggest problem

What should Christmas mean to you and to me?
The answer is simple for all to see.
God’s love for mankind is abundantly clear.
To Him, all people are valued and dear.

His love was shown by the gift of His Son
In a lowly stable His life’s work was begun
He started life with the humble and poor
But his message for all is concise and so sure.

If followed, his pattern of Christian living
Would teach us “less receiving but much more giving”
Less of our wants, desires and needs
And more of our intent to try some good deeds.

But good deeds on their own are void without love
And unless we have faith in our Father above
All that we do is useless and in vain
Unless we invite Jesus to come in and reign

So as we tuck in to our Christmas day roast
And pick up our glasses to propose a toast.
Let us remember what Christmas is about
Jesus was born, and of that there’s no doubt

His birth gives us hope for every day
For He said “I am the life the truth and the way”
This is what Christmas is really about
Are you and I really going to be left out?

Paul Susans
Copyright © 2011

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  1. Christmas from a different angle. Many on Orkney will remember Steev Amos, who moved to France a few years ago. Steev was the most miserable old so-and-so about Christmas, so I wrote him this poem…………..

    “‘Twas the night before Christmas
    ‘Twas Christmas Eve
    Not a creature was stirring
    Not even our Steev
    He was crouched in a corner
    Snarling and growling
    The rain it was driving
    The wind it was howling.

    “Blow this for a lark”
    Grumbled The Grinch
    “I’m frozen and miserable and feeling the pinch”
    Then out of the air
    Came an angel so bright
    Saying “Cheer up, you old bugger,
    Soon you’ll be right –
    You’ll be playing your geetar
    Surrounded by Bluebells
    With Spring in the air
    And the ringing of newbells”

    But Steev wouldn’t listen
    The grouchy old scrote
    “I’ll get off this island
    I’m off on a boat
    Or a plane or a train
    Or a moped will do
    And as for your Christmas
    Two fingers to you!”

    Don’t be a Grinch! Shine light at Christmas! It’s not about stress and presents and all that…stuff. It’s about…………new life, new light, turn of the year, possible changes in our lives. Go for it!

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