Bernie’s Quiz: Where’s that stone?

By Bernie Bell

Where in Orkney are these stones?

All 10 stones plus a Bonus one. Answers at the end of the article

Bonus question

Where in Orkney is this stone?

Deepdale stone

Bonus stone


  1. The Mor Stane, Shapinsay
  2. Sorquoy, South Ronaldsay
  3. Millennium Stone, South Ronaldsay
  4. Watch Stone, Stenness
  5. Barnhouse Village, Stenness
  6. Comet Stone, Ring of Brodgar
  7. Stan Stane, North Ronaldsay
  8. Memorial stone at the Eagle Cairn, South Ronaldsay
  9. Barnhouse Stone

Bonus Stone: Deepdale Stone

All photos taken by Bernie Bell. Many thanks to Bernie for putting it together and for all those who took part.


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  1. And now, as a finale, and re. the Deepdale Stone. A few years ago, I had a bit of an argument with someone, who said that she’d been told that the Deepdale Stone, is a “fake”. Here’s my response……..

    “The stone? It’s marked on the O.S. map ( reference HY27 2117) as Standing Stones – I don’t know why the plural! maybe there were more of them! And here’s my take on it…..
    When I began to say that we were going to go to the Deepdale Stone (a.k.a Unstan Stone), and you interjected that someone told you it’s a “fake” – I didn’t have the patience, at that moment, to go into it, but I will, now……………….
    What’s a ‘fake’ standing stone? If a stone, was raised by folk, in the past, to mark a site, or connect the energy, or whatever – folk tend to call it a Standing Stone, and, maybe say it’s ‘real’. If someone, feels the energy in a place, and erects a stone, or stones, NOW, does that make those stones, ‘fake’? Back in Suffolk, my friend took me to a place called Mangreen, where the folk there, had raised a stone circle, after consultation with a profoundly weirdy-lady ( who was a chum of mine). That stone circle, when I went there, was about 3 years ‘old’, but it did the job, it was full, full to the brim, with good stuff, and had a wonderfully peaceful effect on a friend I’d gone there with. So, is that circle “fake”? I’d say not. Equally, some folk just raise a stone, or a circle, on their land, for fun, just because they like the idea, is that a “fake”? again, I’d say not, because it’s showing a connection with LIFE. It’s what it is, just for fun. Having said all that, when you said that someone told you the Deepdale Stone is a “fake”, as I answered you then, I really don’t care what “someone” said. I know what I felt there, I know what Mike felt there. I know it’s there for a reason.
    So, precise of the argument…..
    It is on the map ( like that matters), but, mainly, its what’s there, as always, and visiting there again, followed by Unstan and Barnhouse, re-affirmed it. As an aside. when we were at Barnhouse, Mike realised for the first time, that, when you stand across from the entrance to the biggest building in Barnhouse, and look across, you line up with the Watchstone, and behind the Watchstone, in a direct line, is……the Unstan Stone. Excellent.
    I’m defending the stone, as I always defend the old folk, who really knew what they were doing, they really, really, knew what they were doing. They placed that stone, with great care. Another alignment which Mike noticed, is straight across, through one of the Stenness Stones, to Maeshowe. But, even if I’m wrong, and it was placed there 150 years ago, the alignments are there, and we feel what we feel, there, IF we’re open to it, and sometimes, even folk who aren’t open to it, do so, because they can’t help it, because they’re part of LIFE, and connect and attune, even without conscious participation. So, it’s on the map, marked as it ‘should be’ – for those who think in those limited terms. But, I don’t care whether it is, or not, it’s what it does, that matters, and, it’s still doing it. It did me a world of good, after a bit of a shitty day, etc. etc. So, who cares, whether it’s marked on a map or not? Who cares how long, or short a time it’s been there? Who cares?
    End of.”

    And that’s the end of the quiz – I hope yous have all enjoyed it, and will go and connect with the stones, yerselves. There are others – the Staneyhill Stane for one. Look at maps, go for walks, find them, and say “Hello”!

  2. Thank you for your very good and appropriate explanation to the stones.
    I would like to extend this to other monuments.
    Do we really know the purpose for which tombs were built ?, Grave or other ritualistic place.
    Do we know about the customs and life of the early inhabitants?
    We know the explanations of the archaeologists on the basis of the finds.
    I just remember the Roman coin fount in Swandro. Is that an indication that even the Romans were on Rousay? Or was ist a souvenir of a Viking?

    Today we can experimence the qualities of the places and stones, feel the unique energies and have a lot of fun with them.

    And I’m happy to be back in Orkney in June and September and visit all the places and say HELLO

  3. Hello Christian
    I’m pleased that you have enjoyed taking part in the quiz – and you recognized every one of them!
    It had crossed my mind to try doing ‘Name That Cairn” but there are an awful lot of them and they often look very similar to each other!
    There is a lot of literature about the ancient sites, and…….and as many theories, as there are books and papers!
    I’m not an archaeologist – to much like hard work – but I have my theories, some of which are in these pieces in ‘The Orkney News’ –

    You could start at the bottom of the list, and work your way through them, if you wish!
    They also offer links to works which feature the theories, and findings, of other people. May be of interest to you?
    You might have noticed that I don’t call the Eagle Cairn, the Tomb of the Eagles. That’s because I believe these places to have been for all the big human things, not just burials. Even some more ‘recent ‘ churches have burials under the floors and in the walls – that doesn’t mean that the place was only used as a tomb.
    I’ve said much of this, in my pieces in The Orkney News, so………have a look, Christian, and I hope you like reading them.
    Orkney is a land of wonder, in many, many ways.

  4. I’ve only just noticed – number 8 is mis-labelled – it’s the Stane O’ Quoybune, or Wheelin Stone, Birsay.
    Number 9 is Ronnie and Morgan’s memorial stone, South Ronaldsay, and 10 is the Barnhouse Stone, Stenness.
    I suppose I didn’t look at the complete answers, as I’d set the questions, then answered them as I went along.
    Ne’er mind – I’m sure the stones won’t.

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