Truly Scottish TV: Doing it for Themselves

John Logie Baird and his television receiver

John Logie Baird and his television receiver By Orrin Dunlap, Jr. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Scotland is a creative country and yet the number of tv programmes actually made in or about Scotland  is incredibly small.

Considering we claim to have invented television it is quite astounding. Broadcasting is a reserved matter to the UK Government but seismic changes are occurring in the way we access programmes with the likes of Netflix and  Amazon Fire TV to name but two.

In Scotland some folks are doing it for themselves – which is another great Scottish tradition.

The Orkney News contacted one of them: Truly Scottish TV to find out what they were about.

Truly Scottish TV

Truly Scottish TV logoSo…..why are we here?

Broadcasting isn’t devolved to Scotland. The main reason (there are many others) it’s not devolved is because it’s a powerful propaganda tool and the UK Govt are unwilling to hand over any control to Scotland.

Other reasons are many, partial reporting, lack of Scottish content, a feeling (backed by evidence ) of a low return for the £s gathered by the license fee.

In 2015/16 the BBC Raised about £320m fom Scottish License fee payers but only spent 54.6 % of the revenue on Scotland.

The above of course, is just some facts plus my own gripes. It doesn’t answer the question – why are you here?

I don’t think a small amateur online TV channel is set to take-on the BBC…BUT, I’m really not interested in the BBC. I’m interested in Scotland and the Scots.

I’m interested in finding Scottish content and broadcasting it to a Scottish audience.I’m very happy to see that folks from around the Globe are watching the channel,this is great but I want to show Scotland to Scotland.

I want those who don’t have a voice to have a platform to show the rest of us , what they have to say. We don’t get a fair deal via the UK , so, it’s time to do it ourselves…..

Truly Scottish TV logoCheck out Truly Scottish TV


Reporter: Fiona Grahame


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  1. What ‘The Orkney News’ is to mainstream journalism……………..
    Giving a platform to those who aren’t part of – the mainstream.
    Inclusive, not exclusive.

    I like ‘Landward’. I can’t watch ‘Countryfile’ as it’s so very, very smug.
    That just about sums it up, for me.

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