Exploration Norse Sets Sail Soon

By Fergus Graemsay

A local entrepreneur and tour guide has come up with his own idea to circumnavigate the problem of fair ferry funding whilst providing a once in a lifetime experience for visitors to the islands of Orkney.

Weel kent face Siefrer Siefrersson who runs the tour business ‘Exploration Norse’ dressed in authentic Viking garb has commissioned local boat  builders to construct a full size Longship. Siefrer intends to ply the routes between Orkney’s islands taking visitors to locations all missed out by those who arrive by cruise ship.

The bespoke tours will immerse visitors in the whole Viking experience as they will be powering the Longships themselves.

Siefrer explained:

“Our Viking ancestors didn’t let fair ferry funding stop them getting about. My guests will know what it was like to be chained as a galley slave powering the swiftest ships of their day, and losing a few pounds in the process.”

I.E.C.Rasmussen-Sommernat under den Grønlandske_Kyst_circa_Aar_1000

I.E.C.Rasmussen-Sommernat under den Grønlandske Kyst circa Aar 1000

Being close to the action of the sea and the fast flowing currents between Orkney’s islands will also allow the visitors to appreciate not only the endeavours of the Norsemen of the past but of the potential renewable energy for the future.

Eye level with the surging seas will mean that viewing our marine wildlife will be close up and very personal whilst batting away hungry seabirds and keeping one hand remaining on the oar.

Siefrer has selected several landing locations away from the conventional piers favoured by the inter island ferries. Hauling the longship ashore and in some cases physically carrying it across land is all part of the day long activities which as tradition dictates end up in a drinking hall.

model longship

Model of proposed longship

Although construction on the longship has not yet commenced Siefrer has started taking advance bookings for his unique solution to fair ferry funding and cruise ship congestion.


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  1. He could also make one of those very dodgy-looking Neolithic craft as reconstructed at the Ness of Brodgar for Neil Oliver’s telly programme, though I did over-hear one Orcadian say “I wouldn’t want to try crossing the Pentland Firth in such as that.”
    Siefrer could advertise it as all being part of the ‘extreme holiday experience.”
    “A fool and their money, are soon parted.”

  2. PS

    I don’t get this thing about Vikings
    I don’t understand the appeal
    Big, sweaty thugs
    No doubt covered in bugs
    And imagine the smell – just un-real.


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