Go Geese Go!: Taming the Beast Fae The East

snowmageddonAn Orkney woman has been drafted in to help in mainland Scotland as snowmageddon has left many trapped in their homes.

Mrs Flett McGinty who keeps 150 geese on her farm in Sanday is a qualified gooseherd in fact she also holds the prestigious goose driving instructor award.

It was several years ago now that Flett realised her geese could be for more than eggs and the Sunday roast.

“Geese are highly intelligent birds” said Flett, “They are often used as a replacement for guard dogs, which are much more costly to keep.”

“Then I had my idea that if they can be used to guard things then they can also be trained to do lots of other jobs. And I came up with my idea of attaching them to a sled.”

Asked if this was cruel Flett answered: “They love it and it has been used for centuries in Finland. Far worse is to just fatten them up for a roasting. “

Goose herd

Antonio Montemezzo

Flett has 3 squads of geese with 10 in each squad. Harnessing them to a sled means they can move quickly and lightly over the deepest of snow.

Leader of Roads across the whole of Scotland Jimmy (the Lion) MacAdam told the Orkney News how delighted he was that they had been able to draft Flett in to help them out after being hit by The Beast Fae The East.

“Snowmageddon has been extraordinary and whilst the roads are getting cleared we know that many folk are trapped in their houses and unable to reach shops or get in essential supplies.

“The snow is so soft and fluffy that the geese can bring in those vital foodstuffs and medicines on light sledges with no fear of getting stuck.

“If it hadn’t been for Flett it would be weeks before these people could get out.”

Flett is now on her way south, not by car of course but in a mega sledge pulled by all 3 of her geese squads. And of course it is a completely green mode of transport.

Well done Flett McGinty.

Reporter: Fergus Graemsay

geese By Luise Duttenhofer (1776-1829) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By Luise Duttenhofer (1776-1829)


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